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Meet Our Crossfit Trainer – Carlos Garcia


carlos garcia crossfit trainer

In 2008, Carlos Garcia began a journey that would define his life. 
An incident occurred at that time when he was walking home after a couple hours at the park with his three year old daughter.  He experienced a moment of clarity when he could not carry his daughter home because she was tired.  After just one block of carrying her, he had to stop and catch his breath.
That was 80 lbs ago.  Now, he is ISSA Certified. He has accepted the challenge of bringing fitness to the masses and showing everyone that if he could do it then they can as well!
Having extensive football experience from high school, Carlos is also the current strength and conditioning coach for the Patterson United Under 14 (years old) Boys team, one of the most elite soccer clubs in the area.
Carlos understands that ALL aspects of training are important to being a fitness professional, and he tries to be as versatile as possible.  From weight loss to strength training, circuit training, cross training, and Athletic Team training, all of the aforementioned can be handled by Carlos, and then some!

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