Why Join Patterson Health and Fitness?


Patterson Health and Fitness is a fully equiped health club providing a wide variety of workout equipment including weights, cardiovascular machines, and a variety of exercise classes.  The community of Patterson enjoys the convenience of our location in the center of downtown as well as the state-of-the-art fitness equipment.  Our convenient hours with our qualified staff to instruct you and meet your fitness needs gives our participants any support they require to maintain a fitness program for better health and physical fitness. 

Boot camp classes are offered in the early morning hours enabling those who commute to work to exercise before their day starts!  Also offered in the evenings, they provide intense courses lasting four to six weeks with obvious results.  You are welcome to call and come in for a free class!


Bench press exercising with weights
Cardiovascular Exercise Class in Patterson ca
Personal Training at Patterson Health and Fitness Center

Contact us of Call 209-892-8091 for more information, to try a free class, or for a tour!

Patterson Health and Fitness

39 North 3rd Street

Patterson, CA  95363

Phonoe 209.892.8091   Fax 209.892.3326